Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thing #9 - Finding Feeds

Using the feed searchers, I decided to put them to a stringent test---coming up with an obscure heavy metal band from Sweden called One Man Army and the Undead Quartet. Yes, I know that this is a limiting search term, but I'm sure that it would result in pointing me in the direction of some cool metal blogs. How did the search feeds work?

TECHNORATI:  They came up with 22 blog post results, with none of them pertaining to the band. Technorati did redeem itself, as it came up with a few YouTube videos of the band, including some fan made ones and one that was shot at a concert of theirs.

SYNDIC8:  Zilch. I'm not surprised, because I really wasn't impressed with their interphase. It did come up with a few suggestions.

TOPIX:  They did the best, actually pointing me in the direction of the band's MySpace page, which features the band's blog. Kudos to them for finding the right place.

Overall, Technorati seems to be the dominant party in the feed finding universe. Its very well done, visually and content wise. While looking up another band, I found that Technorati actually linked to my Flickr account! Now that's cool!

I do like the "Find Feeds" icon, as it makes setting up a blog reader much easier.

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