Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thing #18 - Web Apps

What's not to like about Web Apps like Google Docs and Zoho? They are very similar to the Microsoft Office software we are all used to. GD and Zoho are nearly identical; they are based on the same programming code!

I've been a big fan of Google Docs, due to its portability and simplicity. When I added my name to the Google Doc, you could really see how easy it is. So many of our coworkers added their name, edited the type/color/formatting and some even adding pictures! How great is that!

I've been using Google Docs for a variety of things, especially sharing information from my  home computer and work computer. Currently I am using it to write a book with a few friends--one located in Calgary, the other in Freehold. 

By using Google Docs, it makes editing/writing on this collaborative effort so much easier. I'm now a card carrying, sworn believer in the power of the Google Doc!

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