Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thing #16 - Wikis

The Wiki (and Wikipedia) is one of my favorite parts of the Internet. It is probably the only encyclopedia like creation in the world that valued Mr. Belvedere in the same light as the Gettysburgh Address. Since it is a collaborative effort, people feel vested into it and take great pride writing and editing it entries. Sometimes people let their opinions get the best of them, but since anyone can edit/change the entries, exaggerated entries are fixed very quickly.

I've checked out the OCL page on Wiki, and I'm responsible for the color change :) Guilty as charged.

I liked the idea of the "Best Practices" blog. I think that would be very helpful to library staff. I know there have been a few Sundays that I have worked and was stumped. Having helpful tips and suggestions would be great to help everyone.

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