Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thing #23: Wrapping Up

I'm going to handle my last post like it's an interview.

What was your favorite thing you learned about?
My favorite thing that I learned about in the Web Challenge is either Delicious or Google Docs. Delicious, definitely because it makes bookmarking so much easier and productive. Google Docs, because its wonderful. It makes writing on the go so much easier. Have you checked it out yet?

No, not yet.

You really should. It's life changing.

That's interesting. What did you like least about Web 2.0?

The RSS Feeds is kind of redundant, since I got on board with the whole Delicious scene. It's the technology that I think I'll use least. It's nice and all, but I like looking at the original pages. Call me a purist.

What areas of Web 2.0 do you think the library should get more involved in?

That's kind of a loaded question. But I think that our staff should be more aware of Google Docs, as now we won't need to have dedicated word processing terminals. Just put them on Google Docs and they can type their letters, reports, essays whatever.

I do like the ideas of the shared Delicious accounts for staff to share useful websites, and I can see that being useful.

What Web 2.0 services have you shared with your friends and family?

Pandora, because I'm a music junkie. Google Docs, because its awesome. Library Thing, because I have lots of friends that like to brag and show off their book collections. How cool would it be if Library Thing allowed you to add movies and music....

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