Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thing #22: Listen NJ

My thoughts on Books on Tape are mixed. I like them for long car, plane or train rides. I loathe them driving to work or when I go jogging. If I'm going to be listening to an audio book, it needs my undivided attention.

Anyway, I decided to give Listen NJ a spin on my work computer. Unfortunately, LNJ isn't compatible with iPods or Macs just yet. The software set up was very easy. When I was looking for a book to download, I remembered my friend giving me a glowing review of the historical account of a zombie invasion called World War Z, which my friend gave a glowing review to thanks to it featuring voice work from punk rocker Henry Rollins and Star Wars dude Mark Hamil.

I entered the title into the search box, doubtful that it would appear. But it did!

I downloaded the audio book and skimmed through it. I was pleasantly surprised that LNJ had it available! Now that's impressive.

You can check out WWZ at:

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