Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thing #12 - NetLibrary/WorldCat

Today, it's the double dose of Library Internet fun.


Oh, how I would have loved to have had access to NetLibrary back when I was in college. It makes me feel really old just saying that. I found a lot of great books on the analysis of music and pop culture. Having access to this would have saved so much time and aggravation writing all of those media analysis papers. Oh well.


WorldCat must be a godsend for library staff who have to deal with customers looking for books and materials that are not in our collection. A quick search of some CDs reveal that Indiana State University has a nice collection of some obscurer Scandinavian metal bands. Who would have thought?

It's very easy to use. I played around with it a bit to see if any libraries had the late 1990s Deadpool comic book series. I was surprised to find that eight libraries across the country had the monthly issues in their collection. Very impressive

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